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Our experience of working together as colleagues goes way back. Based on our university background and work experience, we have the perfect foundation to complement and challenge each other in all the different stages of our profession. Through analytical approach and good collaboration with the client, we focus on the process ”a good thought through solution” that leads up to the end result we wish to present in all our projects.


Our broad experience with all kinds of architectural assignments and design reaches from conceptual levels to the smallest details in large construction projects.


We provide quality in all our projects. With our experience combined with high ambition within the architectural field, we question everything and leaves nothing to chance to reach quality on a higher level. We believe that this is what creates the entirety of each project.

We like to describe ourselves as social, creative through a solution-oriented way of thinking

”crazy professional” and ”professionally crazy".


YOLO! Why not? After all you only live once.

Our vision regarding the company name is based on something of great importance for the two of us. Both on a personal and a professional level.

To us architecture and design is all about the importance of creating something that inspires. To make a better solution and a better place to be for the next generations to come. The footprint that we leave behind is irreversible, and we believe in the importance of the impact we make on our world while we are here, and therefore believe in solutions true to preserve our environment and planet.


“I often wish the city was more creative, that the sidewalk was a more fantastic experience, because life is short and you don't want to walk through a dull-witted place. The great cities we really admire have this perplexing variety of thoughts, forms, colors, dialects, spiritual ideas.”


 Daniel Libeskind

yolo tegnestudio as har sentral godkjenning i tiltaksklasse 3 for arkitekturprosjektering og ansvarlig søker for alle typer tiltak.

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Gjermund was born in Halden, Norway in 1980. Graduated in 2008 from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim as Master of Architecture (Ma) .

Leader of Østfold Architectural Association/Østfold Arkitektforening (ØAF).



Alice was born in Borgarfjordur, Iceland in 1984. Graduated in 2011 from Aalborg University in Denmark as Master of Science (MSc) in Architecture and Design, with specialization in Architecture.



We are always interested in meeting new competent people! Want to join our team? Don't hesitate to contact us! 


a: Niels Stubs gate 6, 1776 Halden - Norway


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